Your participation

In the spirit of the rich tradition of Eurotas gatherings and conferences, we welcome all who wish to participate in Creative Bridges ’24. We, the organisers, can lay the groundwork … but the spirit and vibrancy of the event is down to all of you who want to participate!

We are no longer accepting proposal submissions as the deadline of 30 April 2024 has now passed. In addition we received a high volume of submissions.

We hope you will be attending the conference and we look forward to meeting you in September.


  • At this stage of planning, we envisage including workshops of 75 or 90 minutes duration.
  • We ask that all workshops have at least two facilitators. These can be co-leaders, or a leader and assistant(s) as appropriate.


A roundtable is an opportunity for a group of individuals who are experts in a given topic to discuss issues related to the topic in depth.

    • Submissions for roundtables should be for 75 or 90 minutes and include a minimum of three participants and a chair.
    • The chair should prepare the submission, obtaining agreement from the participants in advance.


Please propose a talk on a topic in which you have expertise through research and/or practice.

  • Talks will be 20 minutes in duration with a brief time allocated to Q&A and discussion.


The idea behind the laboratories of practice is to share experiences and insights relating directly to specific forms/schools of practice.

  • The laboratories will be of 75 or 90 minutes duration.
  • The convenor of a laboratory of practice will need to constellate a minimum of three presenters in addition to themselves who are skilled and experienced with a specific tradition of practice and are keen to engage with others similarly skilled in their tradition—or a cognate area of practice.
  • Alternatively, just indicate that you would be interested in contributing to a laboratory of practice and we will constellate the group.
  • The session invites you to share & discuss practices with one another, with a view to deepening embodiment and insight. We are keen to see proposals that take an experiential approach and encourage active engagement!

Performances and visual art

To encourage holistic and creative meaning-making:

  • We want to feature manifold forms of artistic performances during the conference, which may include music and drama, etc. that relate to transpersonal/spiritual perspectives, enriching our understanding of the conference themes.
  • We will make space available for visual art … perhaps a “transpersonal art exhibition”?

Pre/post-conference workshops

A pre- or post-conference workshop should be of one to three days’ duration. At this stage, we are seeking expressions of interest.

  • Full details—including the expected responsibilities of facilitators and financial arrangements—will be provided to those whose expressions of interest are deemed appropriate by the selection committee.
  • We could possibly assist workshop facilitators in finding contacts in Oxford to help organise venues and other logistics.
  • At this stage, however, proposers of pre- and post-conference workshops should note that Alef Trust will not take responsibility for securing venues and accommodation.


A poster conveys information about a project you are undertaking or have completed.

  • This could be a research project, a project for developing practices, or a project in which social action is the goal.
  • The poster should be produced according to general guidelines (see here for APA guidelines).
  • Come to the conference prepared to talk to anyone interested in your poster and answer their questions.


Should you feel that your proposed contribution does not fit directly into any of the above, then please feel free to propose it nevertheless. We are interested in experimentation and novel ideas!

Conference Tracks

The following are the areas we regard as being central to current directions and future trends for the transpersonal approach in psychology and allied areas, and they, therefore, form the eight tracks of the conference:

Consciousness & embodiment track. EUROTAS 2024

& embodiment

Transformative education track. EUROTAS 2024


Transpersonal psychology & the renewal of sacred traditions track. EUROTAS 2024

Transpersonal psychology &
the renewal of sacred traditions

Therapeutic, creative & healing paths track. EUROTAS 2024

Therapeutic, creative
& healing paths

Inner work & social change track. EUROTAS 2024

Inner work &
social change

Ecopsychology & spirituality track. EUROTAS 2024

& spirituality

Psychedelic renaissance track. EUROTAS 2024


Transpersonal research praxis track. EUROTAS 2024

research praxis

On the form for submissions, you are asked to identify the track into which your proposed contribution most directly fits. This information will help us in organising the conference programme.

Selection procedure

Proposals will be adjudicated by the Conference Committee. The criteria on which submitted proposals will be assessed are the following:


Does the proposal display a potential contribution to new knowledge and/or new approaches to practice?


Does the proposal advance ideas or developments in theory and/or practice that are grounded in appropriate research, scholarship and/or experience, and are supported through balanced arguments.


If the proposal relates to an applied area, is it attuned to questions that address social and/or paradigm change?


Does the proposal relate to current issues of concern for transpersonal psychology and/or societal and cultural enhancement?

Qualifications of the proposer

Does the proposer have a track record reflecting their expertise in the proposed topic and in the field of transpersonal studies or allied areas?

Enrichment of the conference

Will the proposal potentially enrich the conference, in emotional, intellectual, spiritual, or artistic terms?

Note: These criteria will be interpreted in broad terms, and the selection team will not require that all criteria are satisfied for a given proposal. If in doubt, our advice is Go ahead and submit your proposal! We are looking forward to seeing your ideas and suggestions.

The submission date has been extended until 30th April 2024. You will be informed of the reviewers’ decision no later than four weeks from the date that we receive your submission.

Please note: If your submission is accepted, you will have four weeks from the date of the acceptance email to register for the conference. If you do not register within this timeframe, we cannot guarantee that your presentation will be included in the conference.

Clicking on the above <SUBMIT YOUR PROPOSAL> button takes you to Oxford Abstracts, a system through which all proposals will be managed. You will be asked to create an account with Oxford Abstracts in order to submit your proposal. Once the account is created you will need to verify via your email and then login to the account. This will enable you to access the submission form.

Please note that presenters are required to purchase conference tickets. Presenters must attend the conference in person. There is a range of ticket options, including “Early Bird” prices, which can be found here.

We look forward to receiving your proposals and building many Creative Bridges together as a transpersonal community in Oxford 2024!