Conference Volunteers

Aims of the conference

In convening this conference, we aim to enable transdisciplinary dialogue, bringing transpersonal psychology into fertile connection with allied disciplines. In doing so, we aim to nurture the wellbeing and flourishing of humanity in relationship to nature: our deeper nature and nature at large. Only by dwelling in, re-evaluating, and re-imagining our relationships can we evolve new visions and pathways that will feel authentic and credible in our contemporary contexts. At this time of uncertainty and transition, we offer the EUROTAS 2024 conference as an incubator of new possibilities, a gathering to showcase what is new and vibrant—in research, in ways of practice, and in performance.


Volunteers play a key role in ensuring that the conference runs smoothly and that the participant experience is positive and valuable.

We require a number of committed volunteers to undertake various roles and responsibilities throughout the full four days of the conference. We also require a volunteer coordinator to manage and support the volunteer team on site.

Application Process

Please read through the list of volunteer roles and should you be interested in being considered for one of these, please complete the application form indicating the roles you are interested in. Before applying, please ensure you will be available for the full four days of the conference, from 12pm on Wednesday 4 September until 2pm on Sunday 8 September 2024. We will be taking applications until 10 April 2024 

Once the deadline for applying has passed we will consider all applications. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to attend a short informal discussion with the Conference Coordinator to discuss the role in more detail and to support us in understanding your experience and motivations for applying. As we only need a certain number of volunteers we may not be able to offer all applicants who apply a volunteering role at the conference. You may be offered the opportunity to go on a reserve list.

If you are offered a volunteering role at the conference you will be entitled to either a free conference ticket or a reduced priced ticket depending on the role you are undertaking and the associated number of hours worked. This will be confirmed once an offer is made.

Volunteer Role Overview

All volunteers will need to attend a meeting with the Conference Coordinator in advance of the conference. The purpose of this meeting will be to meet the full volunteer team, understand the roles and responsibilities and to go through the programme and format of the event.

Volunteers will need to know who the key members of the conference planning team are, spend time familiarisng themselves with the layout of the venue so they can direct participants and understand details of the programme. This will ensure that volunteers are able to respond effectively to questions from participants or know who to sign-post them to. All volunteers are expected to interact with participants in a friendly, yet professional manner as they will be representing Alef Trust and the Eurotas 2024 event partners.

Role Outlines

Volunteer Coordinator x 1

This is a key role. The volunteer coordinator is expected to be available on site for the duration of the conference and to be a main point of contact along with the Conference Coordinator and other designated key Alef Trust staff members to manage the volunteers at the event. It is expected that you will communicate any needs and issues if they arise to the Event Coordinator/Alef Trust Staff team for troubleshooting and/or liaise directly with the venue if necessary. You will be required to support the Conference Coordinator/Alef Trust Staff team with facilitating an on site daily meeting with the full volunteer team.

As the volunteer coordinator is expected to work for the full conference you will be entitled to free entry to the conference. You will of course be able to attend a number of conference sessions, which will need to be coordinated and agreed.

General Volunteer x 8 – 10

We will require at least 4 of the general volunteers to be available for registration on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning. This will involve being at the registration desk to greet participants, marking them on the register, distributing badges, conference programmes and responding to any initial enquiries.

General volunteers will also be required to be present in the meeting rooms during conference sessions. This will involve welcoming speakers, guiding participants to seats, ensuring water is available for the speakers, checking the room temperature is adequate, passing the microphone during Q&A sessions and liaising with the AV technicians and venue staff when necessary.

As a general volunteer you will not be required to work full time at the conference everyday so there will be time to attend conference sessions. We will schedule this into a rota in advance of the conference. When required to volunteer, where possible we will do our best to accommodate placing you in a room where there is a session or speaker you wish to be present for. Of course, we cannot guarantee this will be possible as it will take some coordination with the rest of the volunteer team and the needs of the speaker and participants in the rooms will still need to take priority.

As general volunteers are not expected to work full time throughout the conference a discounted ticket will be offered.

AV Support Volunteer x 1 – 2

There will be two AV technicians working at the venue who are both fully qualified, experienced and familiar with the technical set up at the Examination Schools. In addition we require 1 or 2 additional AV technicians who can float between the breakout rooms during parallel sessions to support speakers with microphones, presentations and AV equipment. You will need to meet and work closely with the venue’s AV technicians to understand how to use their equipment. This will involve meeting via Zoom with the technicians in advance of the conference and on the day the conference begins.

As AV support volunteers are not expected to work full time throughout the conference a discounted ticket will be offered.